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Sunizona Family Farm Day

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Date: Octobr 20, 2013

Time: 11 am - 3 pm

Meet the people who grow your food & see how it’s grown.

When you arrive we’ll treat you to some Vegan homegrown refreshments.

Tour the Farm

Experience the activities that take place daily to make your food happen.

Attend a short informative seminar on the “WHY” of Organic Veganic farming.

After all the farm activities,

Enjoy a Vegan Vegetarian meal

Catered by Pomegranate Café

FarmBox Member Registration:

$20 adults, $30 for couples

children under 12 are free.

NON FarmBox Member Registration: $25 adults, $40 for couples

$10 for ages 3 – 12

Some Nuts & Bolts:

* Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

* We are a non-smoking farm.

* Sadly, your four footed friends cannot attend.