Old Wood

Meet Grandma & Grandpa Smith (Marilyn & Charles, parents of Byron) - the developers of Heritage Grains Bakery.

Grandpa is part owner of the Farm, & Grandma is an unparalleled gourmet cook & homemaker. Having raised 5 kids on a homestead in Northern British Columbia, they know just how important hearty, healthy, home-baked bread is, & one day they got the idea to start selling Grandma's fabulous all natural, whole sprouted grain breads.

There's four things that Grandma uses as her guidelines for making her breads:

-All natural whole sprouted grains

-No additives or preservatives


-Have to taste great!

What started as a few varieties of sprouted grain breads, has expanded to include buns and also wheat free bread (take note though - it's wheat free & not gluten free because it's made in the same facility as the other breads, so it is possible that small amounts of wheat could get into it).

So from Grandpa & Grandma's oven to your table enjoy bread the heritage way it used to be: hearty, tasty, and good for you!

Heritage Grains Bakery...